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Selected Works


Olentangy Local Schools

Completed, LED Lighting conversion and Building Control System upgrade for 27 buildings in district.  Also replaced 2 Chillers, 2 Boilers, and 2 Air Handlers.


Project resulted in over $1M in rebates and 38% energy savings.

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Owens Community College

Completed LED upgrade of 19 Buildings on Owens Community College Toledo Campus.

College received over $100,000 in rebates and energy consumption was reduced by nearly 20%.


Newark City Schools

Completed LED lighting conversion for 14 buildings of Newark City Schools.  Also, converted football stadium lights to LED.


Project resulted in energy rebates over $100,000 and yearly energy savings to the district of over $300,000.

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Easton Oval Buildings 1 & 2

Completed Building Automation upgrade for 2 Buildings at Easton Oval totaling approximatley 300,000 square feet.


Estimated energy savings of 20% for the year.

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