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To whom it may concern,


   I have had the oppurtunity to work with H.E.A.T.,Total Facilities Solutions, on several occasions over the last two decades.  Each and every time, Ron Thomas, the President, of H.E.A.T., was highly involved of all aspects of every project.  Ron and his staff of professionals provided needs assessment, and  recommended, designed, and developed a common sense plan of action for reducing energy costs.


   The installation staff are all H.E.A.T. employees which eliminated the concern of having several different sub-contractors on school campus.  During each project the staff worked around the school schedules and made sure to not interrupt the classrooms.  Most of he teaching staff never encountered any H.E.A.T. employees.  As the projects progressed, the H.E.A.T. staff would continue to give updates and make sure that the school district was informed of progress and updated on the schedule.  


   Each project was completed on time, using quality material and controls.  All needed school personnel were trained in preventative maintenance and proper use of heating and lighting controls. Timely support was always provided whenever district staff requested.  I have always found the entire company to have a positive customer service culture.


  Most importantly, the energy savings projects I was involved with, were successful!  That being, the project succeeded in meeting the energy savings goals.  Our classrooms and Gymnasiums are better learning environments for students and staff.  Better light and better heat.  Our community is still excited about our LED lighting in the gymnasium.  It is without hesitation that I recommend H.E.A.T. Total Facilities Solutions for your energy reduction needs


Fred Fox


Wynford Local Schools    

To whom it may concern,

   It is with great pleasure that I recommend H.E.A.T. Total Facility Solutions, Inc. to school districts who may be considering  a potential renovation, expansion, or energy conservation project.  The Barnesville Exempted City School District has been working hand-in-hand with H.E.A.T. for nearly two years on a H.B. 264 Energy Conservation Project.       We have worked directly with Mr. Ron Thomas on both the planning and execution of the project in order to maximize the savings potential for our district.  Their professionalism and work ethic are top-notch and we have been more than satisfied with the work they have done for our district.

   After months of reviewing detailed proposals and interviewing numerous vendors, Barnesville EVSD chose to enter into a $1 million contract for energy savings/conservation with H.E.A.T. Total Facility Solutions, Inc.  I can honestly say that H.E.A.T. is one of the best companies that I have dealt with in my 5 years as district treasurer.  Communication is essential to the success of any large project.  That being said, Mr. Thomas maintained close communication through all phases of the project and always kept us appraised of their upcoming workload.  Any issues that arose from the were always addressed immediately and we were given several flexible options to resolve the problem.

   Based on our experience, I am quite comfortable in vouching for H.E.A.T. and the exceptioanl work that you get from their professional employees!


Matthew A. King

Barnesville EVSD-Treasurer

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