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Since 1999, we have helped businesses and schoool districts in Ohio take control of their energy consumption and maintenance costs by:

Replacing Interior/Exterior Lighting


We replace current interior/exterior lighting with energy efficient LED lamps and fixtures which greatly improves light quality while drastically cutting maintenance costs.

Installing UV Clean Building Solutions

Ultraviolet light is a great way to disinfect your Buildings.  We provide a variety of ultraviolet equipment and will work with you to narrow down the best product for you.

Mechanical Retrofits Including:

   Upgrading Boilers, Pumps, Chillers, A/C Units, and install VFD Drives.         


Installing Plug Load Management System:


IBIS Plug Load Management reduces wasted energy in items such as vending machines, charging carts, copiers/faxes, and water fountains.  Click here for more information on IBIS networks in schools.

Installing Energy Management System:

  Alerton COMPASS software provides centralized controls and management of your buildings.

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